Get IT! «Angler's Notebook» - developed by the Russian proanglers,

World Champions in Sport fishing.

Sergey Zhdanov
Sport fishing World Champion;
Russian National Sport Fishing Team Member;
Russian Sport Fishing Champion;

Dmitriy "DD" Davydov
Sport fishing World Champion;
Russian National Sport Fishing Team Member;
Absolute Moscow Sport Fishing Champion
Russian Sport Fishing Cup Holder;


Get IT! «Angler's Notebook» - a comprehensive software solution letting the angler assess the situation on the pond, get premade tactical decisions on the choice of fishing spots with illustrations - plans for fishing on specific "points" and an optimal set of lures.

Get IT! «Angler's Notebook» - your personal assistant for decisions on the pond with simulation possibility. It features the function of conducting your own statistical diary, in which the fisher has an opportunity to place specific data about catches with an indication of the bait, time and place of a catch, with a brief comment.

Get IT! «Angler's Notebook» - contains the "Lures Library", constantly updated reference service, where most of bait is characterized by parameters such as the species of fish the bait is the most suitable for, places of the best of its application, depth horizons, animation options, and installation.

Interview with Sergey Zhdanov and
Dmitry Davidov

How it works Get IT! «Angler's Notebook»:

Choose water and fish species from the list

Select whether you are fishing from a boat or from the shore

Note in the Table offered the weather factors that are most appropriate for current situation on the pond.

You will be offered one or more typical for your situation places to most fully meet the objectives of

this fish's type catch. Choose the one you're interested in, or accessible in the current situation.

If you don't have the baits offered by the app, please go to the Lures Library, it's most likely to have an alternative for the relevant situation.

If you would like to record the results, click "Save the result." You can also add to the result of brief comments catchability bait, time of capture, and other important information.


No bait, rod, mobile or Internet application does guarantee you a catch. This is just a support tool!

Get IT! «Angler's Notebook» - does not depend on Internet connection or cellular signal. The application is installed on your smartphone, and you can use it anywhere around the world, any time.